About the Isaacs Center
   Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a settlement house?

  • "A settlement house-sometimes also called a community or neighborhood center-is a neighborhood-based organization that provides services and activities designed to identify and reinforce the strengths of individuals, families and communities. Varying according to the needs of their neighborhoods, settlement programs may include: job training and employment programs, early childhood education, afterschool youth programs, arts education and performances, computer labs, English-as-a-Second-Language and literacy education, citizenship instruction and legal counseling, mental health and home care, housing, senior centers and Meals-on-Wheels. Settlement houses also offer opportunities for community service: holding forums on local concerns, registering voters, and providing information about citywide issues." For more information, visit www.unhny

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  • What is your mission?

  • The Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center (Isaacs Center) is a multi-service community-based organization whose mission in working with the poor, the isolated and disconnected of all ages, genders, backgrounds and abilities, is to promote social and physical well-being and encourage growth, self-reliance and dignity throughout every stage of life. Since its inception in 1964, Isaacs Center has strengthened the East Harlem and Yorkville community through the development of supportive services and innovative programs for young adults, children, and seniors.

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  • Who do you serve?

  • Our main site is in the Isaacs Houses/Holmes Towers (Isaacs/Holmes), a New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) public housing development located in the neighborhood of Yorkville -three blocks from East Harlem. Although Isaacs/Holmes is located in Manhattan Community District 8 (Upper East Side), the demographics and socio-economic needs of residents of the development more closely resemble that of Manhattan Community District 11 or East Harlem. According to data provided by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) as of 2013, the average gross income for residents of the Isaacs Holmes development is $23,513 which is below the poverty threshold for a family of four nationally ($24,949) and in New York City ($31,039). We also operate a Department of Youth and Community Development After School Beacon Program at P.S. 198 in Yorkville Compared to other schools in New York State, P.S. 198 serves a disproportionate percentage of Black and Hispanic students, students with limited English language proficiency, and students with Individualized Education Plans.

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  • What programs do you offer?

  • Our core areas of focus are programs for School Age children, Education and Workforce Development for adolescents and young adults, and Senior Services including Meals on Wheels.

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  • Are you a government agency?

  • We are not a government agency. We are funded, primarily, by contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations. Just 46% of our revenue support is from state, federal or local agencies.

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  • Where are you located?

  • The Isaacs Center is at East 93rd Street between First Avenue and FDR Drive. East 93rd Street ends at the parking lot between our Senior Center (415 E. 93rd St.) and our Youth Services Center (1792 First Ave.) We also operate a Beacon Youth program after school, in the evenings and on Saturdays, at P.S. 198/77 at 96th Street and Third Avenue (1700 Third Ave.)

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  • Where is the nearest public transportation?

  • The closest subway train is the 6 to 96th St. The M15 bus stops in front of the Isaacs Center and the 96th Street Crosstown bus stops four blocks away.

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  • What does it cost to come to the Isaacs Center?

  • Nearly all of our programs are free. We have a "sliding scale" fee for our Summer Day Camp program and a few of the special programs and trips at the Senior Center have a small fee attached. Meals on Wheels and our Senior Center request a donation of $1.50 for meals, but no one is turned away.

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  • How old do you have to be to come to the Isaacs Center?

  • Our programs start at age 5.

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Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center is a 501(c)3 organization.
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