Youth & Family Services

  • Young people who live in East Harlem or reside in the Isaacs/Holmes public housing development are children at risk. They typically come from single parent or grandparent households where chronic underemployment, public assistance and the struggle to make ends meet are the way of life. Many of these families turn to the Isaacs Center to help them provide a nurturing and challenging community for their children.

    Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center reaches approximately 3,000 children and youth from ages 5 to 24 through a cadre of youth development programs in three schools, in addition to our community center. Our programs have been recognized and honored locally and nationally for exemplary practices. We are among only 10 organizations selected for the national Promise and Effective Practices Network (PEPNet) award sponsored by the Department of Labor and the National Youth Employment Coalition. Most recently, Ivonne Torres, our Director of Youth and Family Services — who herself participated in Isaacs’ programs as a child and teen — received the prestigious Lewis Hine Award for service to children and youth.

    The Isaacs Center’s youth programs focus on the strengths of our young people, helping them discover ways to contribute their talents to the community. Our approach is predicated on the understanding that all young people need support and guidance. With this support they can develop self-assurance in the four areas that are key to creating happy, healthy and successful lives: a sense of competence: being able to do something well; a sense of usefulness: having something to contribute; a sense of belonging: being part of a community; and a sense of power: having control over one’s future.

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    Ivonne Torres
    Director of Youth & Family Services
    Phone#: (212) 360-7625 ext. 12


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